Beyond the Dinosaur -Torotoro National Park, Bolivia

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In the town square of Torotoro, Bolivia, a huge dinosaur statue takes the place of the usual fountain in the center of the plaza. In a Jurassic Park-style local ecotourism promotion effort, Torotoro is branding itself around its national park’s most popular highlight: the dinosaur tracks that are cemented into the ground after millennia of sedimentation. Even the buses that head to Torotoro from the closest city of Cochabamba are airbrushed with wild dinosaur graphics. The tracks, however, are just one of the many ecotourism attractions in Torotoro.

Dinosaur track, Torotoro Bolivia

A dinosaur track in Torotoro National Park, Bolivia

Once in the town, you can find a handful of local accommodations and the one tourism office in the center, across from the dinosaur. Here, you can arrange a guide and transportation to enter the national park, which requires that visitors pay an entrance fee and bring local guides with them. The guides, who speak at least two languages including local Quechua, will take to you the caverns, the caves, and the waterfalls that are all within the protected area.

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