Last Chance Tourism? Vanishing Destinations and Tourism’s Roles in Saving Them

This article originally appeared on The International Ecotourism Society blog Your Travel Choice. To see the original post, click here. December, 2010

Climate and travel are inherently linked. Climate affects our decisions about where to travel, and lately we’ve learned that the emissions of our travel (and our human activity in general) are affecting the climate. Climate change will change travel, and new winners and losers will emerge. For the past five years, headlines have claimed that climate change is actually popularizing certain at-risk destinations.


The Galapagos Islands, photo by Heather Hansen

Travelers want to get there before it’s too late. “Last chance tourism,” as academia has agreed to call it, is on the rise. A study published in the September 2010 edition of the journal Current Issues in Tourism, titled “Last chance tourism: the boom, doom, and gloom of visiting vanishing tourism destinations” explains how “last chance tourism” is employed as a marketing strategy for certain destinations, especially in the Arctic.

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