Confessions of a Travel Contest Addict

Why I just keep entering these things

Rumors have circled back to me lately that I’m a habitual travel contest enterer. It’s true. I can’t resist a good sweepstakes where the prize is some kind of adventure. It’s gotten pretty bad lately. A few weeks ago, a Colorado Public Radio pledge drive was giving away a weekend trip for four to Crested Butte …

Aboard an Earthship in Taos, New Mexico

Greater World Earthship Community

“Climate Change? Bring It.” A bumper sticker for sale in the visitor center snarkily sums up what the Greater World Earthship Community near Taos, Mexico is all about. Without power lines, water systems, or natural gas pipes connecting it to the outside world, this growing cluster of Earthship homes is built to fend for itself.

September in Peru: My fam-tastic four-week itinerary

postcard from machu picchu

During the month of September, I’ll be enjoying the big perk of life as a travel professional on a fam trip to Peru. I wrote about the anatomy of a fam trip after Ecuador in 2012. To summarize: “fam trip” is tradespeak for familiarization trip. I’ll be getting familiar with elements of our upscale itineraries at Southwind Adventures.

Never Too Late For a Junior Ranger Badge

Court of the Patriarchs, Zion National Park

Call it a phase, but I’ve been a little obsessed with national parks lately. It started last summer on a four-day backpacking trip through the backcountry of Colorado’s own Rocky Mountain National Park. One of my most vivid memories is watching the alpenglow on the peaks reflecting in a remote alpine lake, stunned by the beauty. I heard the mating call of elk for the first time. I understood what it meant to have a national parks moment.

Spring Break 2014: Hiking the National Parks of Southern Utah

Bryce Canyon. Photo by Luca Galuzzi

Zion. Bryce. Canyonlands. These places have been a whisper in my ear since I moved back to the United States two years ago and realized how much of my own country I have yet to see. In one week, I’ll be visiting these bucket-list destinations in Southern Utah on an epic camping and hiking trip with my good friends Samira and Alex.

Every trip is actually three: the one we anticipate, the one we take, and the one we remember. Today I’m on that first trip. I’m all abuzz with excitement as I Google pieces of the itinerary (carefully hand-crafted by the amazing Alex) and find out a little more about the places we’ll be exploring.