One Fun Earth Day: Denver Ultra Dash

the mean green fiascos

The non-profit organization Green Up Denver teamed up with Kaz Productions to organize this Earth Day fundraiser event. The scavenger hunt was a two-hour relay around Downtown Denver. Teams of two or more people were given 15 clues to scout out.

Responsible Tourism Week 2011: An Unconference

Responsible Tourism Week 2011

One annual online event is Responsible Tourism Week. Ron calls it an “unconference,” an ongoing online event that encourages new global-level connections and local-level events. There’s no agenda, and no need for long haul flights or conference entrance fees. Just connect on various web2.0 platforms to contribute and follow.

Green with website envy: the feisty redhead from

Suzy Guese

Suzy is a very real combination of talent as a writer and hard work as a traveler. She resonates with other longer-term travelers like myself who just keep going even when the initial thrill is gone. I loved her articles about travel loneliness, travel crankiness, and finally returning home. Why does she do it? I think she wants to reach people and convince them to travel deeply.

How to Organize a Citywide Scavenger Hunt

Citywide Scavenger Hunt, Palma de Mallorca 2010

Last summer my best friend came to visit me in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I wanted to pay tribute somehow to the city’s beautiful historical downtown, and to give my friend a tour of the city more memorable than a sight-seeing trip with tour guide headphones. So I organized a citywide scavenger hunt: experiential, real-life fun, that utilized the web to make it happen.