One Fun Earth Day: Denver Ultra Dash

the mean green fiascos

The non-profit organization Green Up Denver teamed up with Kaz Productions to organize this Earth Day fundraiser event. The scavenger hunt was a two-hour relay around Downtown Denver. Teams of two or more people were given 15 clues to scout out.

Responsible Tourism Week 2011: An Unconference

Responsible Tourism Week 2011

One annual online event is Responsible Tourism Week. Ron calls it an “unconference,” an ongoing online event that encourages new global-level connections and local-level events. There’s no agenda, and no need for long haul flights or conference entrance fees. Just connect on various web2.0 platforms to contribute and follow.

On Travel and Tagging in Facebook Photos

An Internet/Facebook Cafe in Berat, Albania

Being tagged by other travelers is nice, but my favorite is being tagged in travel photos by people who actually live there. To me, that’s one of the best mementos possible. It demonstrates a kind of personal connection with a place. Plus, It’s also an interesting glimpse of social network usage and trends all over the world.

Green with website envy: the feisty redhead from

Suzy Guese

Suzy is a very real combination of talent as a writer and hard work as a traveler. She resonates with other longer-term travelers like myself who just keep going even when the initial thrill is gone. I loved her articles about travel loneliness, travel crankiness, and finally returning home. Why does she do it? I think she wants to reach people and convince them to travel deeply.

How to Organize a Citywide Scavenger Hunt

Citywide Scavenger Hunt, Palma de Mallorca 2010

Last summer my best friend came to visit me in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I wanted to pay tribute somehow to the city’s beautiful historical downtown, and to give my friend a tour of the city more memorable than a sight-seeing trip with tour guide headphones. So I organized a citywide scavenger hunt: experiential, real-life fun, that utilized the web to make it happen.