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My New Desk at Green Spaces Denver

Working remotely via internet has its pros and cons.  I think it suits some better than others. When I describe my virtual workspace to people, I get a range of reactions from “that sounds pretty ideal” to “that would never work for me.”

Green Spaces Denver desk

Green Spaces uses 100% wind power - no fuel, and no greenhouse gases emitted

Whether people are attracted to the idea or not, location independent work is becoming more and more common.  Where exactly is the “office” for freelancers and independent contractors? What about entrepreneurs who are just starting up?

In Denver, my workspace became a patchwork of places where I found the most focus: the library, a circuit of cafes, and my desk at home.  I experimented with taking my work on the road for six weeks in the Pacific Northwest.  Once I was back in town, I did few Google searches for coworking in Denver, and Green Spaces crossed my radar as an interesting option.

Green Spaces Newsletter

The "New Faces @ Green Spaces" section of the newsletter

Green Spaces is a shared work environment in the RiNo district of Denver that “cultivates social entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers alike.”  I went to the Earth Day celebration and felt a sense of community and shared values.  I took a free day pass, then decided to join.

The benefits so far have been many.  The bike commute across town keeps me active, and I’ve found that it’s much easier to fit an eight hour workday into eight hours with somewhere like Green Spaces to spend some solid time.  It’s a good social bunch of like-minded people, and there’s always an event on the calendar.  Plus, The Walnut Room with its unbeatable happy hour is just two blocks away.  My only regret about this place is that I’ll be leaving for South America in six weeks, so I’m trying not to get too attached.  It’s good to know that Green Spaces will still be here when I get back.

Green Spaces Denver lounge

The entryway of Green Spaces


05 2011