September in Peru: My fam-tastic four-week itinerary

postcard from machu picchu

During the month of September, I’ll be enjoying the big perk of life as a travel professional on a fam trip to Peru. I wrote about the anatomy of a fam trip after Ecuador in 2012. To summarize: “fam trip” is tradespeak for familiarization trip. I’ll be getting familiar with elements of our upscale itineraries at Southwind Adventures.

My New Desk at Southwind Adventures

my new desk at southwind adventures

I discovered that the job post was by Southwind Adventures, and that they’re located in my own hometown of Denver, Colorado. If there’s one way to apply all my experience to a job in Denver, I thought, then this is it. Since May 1, I’ve been on board full-time with Southwind Adventures.

South America, One Month On

Inti Raymi festival in Cusco Peru

Almost six weeks have gone by since I first arrived in Lima, Peru and started making my way toward Cochabamba, Bolivia, where I currently hang my hat. “Well?” ask emails and chats from home, “How is it?” It’s both. The beginning of my long-term trip to South America has been both of everything. It’s both the suspension from time that is travel and the daily grind that is real life.

Notes on a Long-term Ticket to South America

the passport shot

I’ll be in South America for a little over six months, starting June 22 2011. I depart June 22 to Lima, Peru. Then I’ll make my way from Lima to Cuzco to catch the the Inti Raymi solstice celebration on the 24th. Then I’ll travel overland across the border to La Paz, Bolivia, and then on to Cochabamba