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My New Desk at Céspedes Coworking Buenos Aires

After about a month of living and working online from my place in Buenos Aires, I started doing some online searching for a coworking space. I compared about six different options in the metropolitan area and decided to go with Céspedes Coworking Buenos Aires for the month of November.

entrance of cespedes coworking buenos aires

entrance and meeting room at Céspedes

Last week I was telling some friends about it over helado. “So, people with office jobs just want out, and people who work from home decide they want an office after all?” My friend Pablo was confused. I made my case:

The best parts of location independence: travel and fun

Over the past year, I’ve worked from dozens of places — people’s houses, cafes, libraries, and anywhere with wifi that will tolerate my hours of loitering. Some of my favorite places I’ve worked from:
* Plaza S’eschorxador in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
* Park Hill LIbrary in Denver, Colorado
* Cascade AmTrak train from Vancouver to Bellingham to Seattle to Portland
* Green Spaces Coworking in Denver, Colorado
* the patio of the Sustainable Bolivia office in Cochabamba

my coworkers at cespedes coworking buenos aires

a couple of the coworkers at Céspedes

I’ve been able to do an awesome amount of travel, thanks to a whole list of people who have hosted me in the U.S. and abroad. A few of the people who have let me use their homes for living and working for days (or even weeks) in the past year:
* Yoni in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
* my sister Diana in Denver, Colorado
* my sister Gina in Yakima, Washington
* my cousin Kirk in Seattle, Washington
* Evan and Jon in Portland, Oregon
* Paul Bustos in La Paz, Bolivia

my home office, buenos aires

the same four walls that were my home and office in Buenos Aires

The hardest part of location independence: SFWS

In my experience, working from home with little variety or company has an effect that I call SFWS (same four walls syndrome). After one month of working from a tiny studio apartment here in Buenos Aires, I started to feel the symptoms again:
* lax personal hygiene before 6pm
* talking to myself
* oblivion to outside weather conditions
* ritual housekeeping behavior as procrastination
* a diet of cereal, yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches and pasta

my new desk at cespedes coworking buenos aires

my favorite desk at Céspedes

What I like about Céspedes Coworking in Buenos Aires

I spent a trial day at Céspedes, and I felt the same kind of click with the place that I had felt at Green Spaces Denver. It remedied my case of SFWS with structure, focus, and good productive energy. Some of the features I like the best:
* its newness. Céspedes is just a few months old, so it has the excitement of early stages and new growth
* its location.  In a quiet, quaint neighborhood called Colegiales, Céspedes is easy to reach on the subte (subway)
* its community. I’m the only foreigner at Céspedes, so it’s good contact with people who live here
* its parilla. In the small balcony area, there is a new grill for classic Argentinian asados (barbecues)
* its founder, Paul Iribarne. Paul does everything he can think of to build community at Céspedes, from organizing events to scoring deals for Céspedes members at nearby businesses

Bottom line: for people who are working location independently like me, coworking spaces are such a good idea that I’ve thought of founding my own someday. For now, I’m enjoying finding great ones in different cities. In Buenos Aires, Céspedes Coworking is the kind of spot I was looking for.


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