Why I Joined Mountain Ambassadors

Mount Sherman summit at dawn, September 2012

That weekend in Keystone, I was one of very few people who chose to camp in order to attend the travel blogger conference. The idea was to save money, but I also wanted to share a fun outdoor experience in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Gazing at the stars, I realized that I take these mountains for granted. I made it a goal to spend more time in my great Colorado backyard and decided to join Mountain Ambassadors to help me meet that goal.

Six UNESCO Cultural Intangibles I’ve Encountered


Expressions of local culture are what makes a place really special. All too often, these intangibles are at risk. Three years ago, UNESCO began its list of Cultural Heritage Intangibles in hopes of safeguarding these local practices and expressions. Now, over 200 of them have been inscribed.
As I perused the list, I found six that I have been lucky enough to have encountered in my travels.