How to Organize a Citywide Scavenger Hunt

Citywide Scavenger Hunt, Palma de Mallorca 2010

Last summer my best friend came to visit me in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I wanted to pay tribute somehow to the city’s beautiful historical downtown, and to give my friend a tour of the city more memorable than a sight-seeing trip with tour guide headphones. So I organized a citywide scavenger hunt: experiential, real-life fun, that utilized the web to make it happen.

Tourism and Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural India: a Research Proposal

tourism in rural India

Empirical research in rural India indicates a ¨high education trap¨ that fails to reward higher education with higher wages after a certain point, and that this trap penalizes women especially. Meanwhile, research of tourism labor in developing countries implies greater benefits for women than for men in tourism employment. This proposed study would gather qualitative, empirical data about community-based tourism employment in rural India and its capacity to address this trap. The ‘sustainable livelihoods framework’ would be used as a theoretical framework for the research.

Earthship Spotting in Guatemala

Long Way Home: aqueduct of trash-filled bottles

In San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango, the non-profit organization Long Way Home (LWH) has completed their pilot earthship structure: a small round home made mostly of rammed earth-filled tires and trash-filled plastic bottles. Through its recreation park, LWH has engaged the community of San Juan Comalapa in its alternative methods.

Book review: ‘The Art of Political Murder’ by Francisco Goldman

The Art of Political Murder book cover

Good fiction weaves threads of truth into a fabric of narrative invention. In The Art of Political Murder, Francisco Goldman inverts this order. He gives a non-fiction account of the Guatemalan human rights activist and bishop Juan Gerardi in 1998. In Goldman’s journalistic investigation of the murder and its aftermath, he untangles threads of secrecy and deceit, He then weaves them into a fabric of historical record so compelling that it reads like pulsating fiction.

Contribution of Volunteer Tourism to Organic Farms: An analysis of the WWOOF exchange in Canada

volunteer tourism on an organic farm

Abstract: This study demonstrates that volunteers can contribute valuable labor, among other benefits, to their host farm destinations. The study uses data from volunteer and host farm applications to the WWOOF Canada organization, as well as a survey delivered to the host farms. The contribution of volunteer tourists to organic farms as human resources is an example of a symbiotic relationship or synergy between tourism and environmental projects.