Dumpster Diving, Freely Giving and the Man Who Quit Money

The Man Who Quit Money, book cover. Mark Sundeen.

Like a good book should, The Man Who Quit Money changed the way I see a few things. It changed the way I see money – rather than an absolute or a given, it’s a convention that (almost) all of us subscribe to. It changed the way I see my home state of Colorado, where Daniel is from. Mark Sundeen’s account of Daniel Suelo’s life also changed the way I see dumpsters.

Community-based Tourism Development: The Syllabus


Check it out – I’m an educator. After almost a year of developing an online course for the Certificate in Community-Based Development through Village Earth and Colorado State University, the 5-week course begins next week. It’s called Community-Based Tourism Development, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Five Volunteer Posts for Sustainable Bolivia


During my three months as volunteer/resident writer at Sustainable Bolivia, I contributed five posts to the Sustainable Bolivia blog. It was a fun project to bring the blog back to life and share some details of the Sustainable Bolivia experience with its online audience. Below are the five articles I wrote during my time there: