Away Message: I’m in Kenya on Safari


I will be away from my office in Addis Ababa from Saturday August 22 to Thursday August 27. Chris and I will be escaping the rainy weather with a trip to Kenya, Chris’s old Peace Corps stomping ground. We’re finally getting around to that thing people do in East Africa – a safari. We’ll be peering through binoculars on game drives through the Maasai Mara by day and retreating to tented camps by night.

Why I’m Running the Ethiotrail Half Marathon

Simbo lodge

Let’s be frank: I’m no runner. I’ve never had the special shoes or the Fitbit or the love of pain to really get into it. Yet here in Addis Ababa, I’ve just signed up for a trail run called Ethiotrail. I skipped the 12k option and went straight for the half marathon as my goal for August 9 (i.e. four weeks from now). Is that crazy? Probably. Good idea anyway? I think so. Here’s why:

“How Are You!” and First Impressions From Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa from above

When I walk down the street in my new neighborhood in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, there’s no blending in. I’m a blatant ferenji (foreigner). The diplomatic capital of Africa sees its fair share of ferenj, but still, my otherness seems to invite shout-outs. After offers of “taxi!” the most common call I hear is “how are you!”

One Last Ode to Colorado


Dear Colorado — my backyard, my habitat, my home, This is not the first time I’ve sat down with a heartful to write about you. I’ve penned my praises before. You already know what I love most. It’s the summits of your 14ers, your natural hot springs, your miles of mountain highway on road bike, your […]

Notes On a Long-term Ticket to East Africa

Ethiopia research

It’s been nearly three years since I returned from my last long-term travel jaunt in South America. Three years! It’s been so good to be home. I reconnected with my hometown of Denver. I built a career with Southwind Adventures, and I went on a couple fam trips to Ecuador and Peru. I wrapped myself […]