How I Removed My Facebook Newsfeed (and Why)

facebook minus newsfeed

I’ve experimented with three different tools to make my newsfeed disappear but keep pretty much everything else. They’re browser extensions, so they only clean up my Facebook page on Chrome (my default). If I’m really craving the newsfeed, I can just log on through a different browser. But now that the habit is broken, I rarely do.

Seeing Travel Through the Lens of “Overbooked”


Travel writing tends to err on the side of over-sweetened. A “feel-good” slant promises travelers what internet porn promises teenage boys: pure fantasy. The occasional “bad news” piece is limited to comedic annoyances, like the shrinking of airplane seats or the banning of selfie sticks.

Southeast Asia for Digital Nomad Boot Camp

Mandatory "view from the workspace" photo

While I’m living here in the Eastern Hemisphere, one goal is to do some exploring. For two months this spring, I’ll be taking a break from expat life in Addis Ababa and doing the digital nomad thing in Southeast Asia. What, exactly, is a digital nomad? It’s someone who has mobilized her income and chooses to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Hooked on Spas in Addis Ababa


Before I moved to Addis Ababa, I could count my visits to a spa on the unpolished toes of one calloused foot. Today, eight months later, my spa habit is fully formed. I’ve lost track of all the haircuts, styles, pedicures, and massages I’ve indulged in here. How did this happen? How did I get hooked? I trace my habit to the things I discovered about spas and salons in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Double Birthday Travel Plans: Morocco by Train


Chris and I both have holiday-season birthdays to celebrate, so we’re going big this year. We’ll be traveling by train from Madrid to Marrakesh, then exploring the medinas, mountains and dunes of Morocco from there. Why Morocco? The trip was inspired by Chris’s mom, who will be joining us on the adventure. She dreamed it up based on the 1969 hit song “Marrakesh Express”.